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Online marketing has become imperative for businesses to attract customers in increasingly competitive markets. With the world grappling with the seemingly unending variants of the COVID-19 virus, almost all businesses have been forced to maintain a robust online presence. The provision of a virtual channel has become crucial for surviving the lockdown restrictions and changing consumption patterns in this new normal that has emerged due to the ongoing pandemic.

More than ever, product descriptions and online content on the website are playing a pivotal role in attracting and engaging the target audience. Your content marketing strategy now decides whether your potential customer will bounce back or connect with you. While many companies with an online presence have a blog, most business owners and managers struggle to keep it updated with high-quality and engaging content. Lack of technical knowledge, resources, time, or writing skills – there can be several reasons for falling behind or ignoring the blog section of the company’s website.

Hiring professional blog writers is the simplest way to stand out in today’s crowded digital space. Statistics have shown that blogs generated around 96% more links to the main website. The 87% increase in leads is the reason behind it. Moreover, the leads generated via blogs cost way less than those gained through cold calls, brochures, outbound marketing, and other advertising strategies.

Why Hire Professional Blog Content Writers to Strengthen Your Brand?

It has been established that online platforms are among the most cost-effective marketing channels. Businesses can easily reach millions of potential customers through them to influence their service and products selections. They also offer the ease of testimonials, information, reviews, feedback, and share-ability. Expert content writers play an essential role in curating content that clicks and encourages customers to reach out to the brand. Besides taking away the writing responsibilities from you, these professionals also help customers find the value proposition for associating with your brand. This is because professional article writers are well-versed in reputation management techniques and ways to leverage the benefits of blog writing.

From preparing blog topics to researching relevant figures and facts and writing and editing quality content that’s valuable to the audience and SEO-friendly, these experts have experience with every aspect of the time-consuming process. They have extensive experience working with diverse clients, allowing them to adapt their writing style to fit any industry or business. Whether you prefer coming up with your own topics or not, bloggers can advise you on staying relevant and striking the perfect balance between inspiration and information when drafting content.

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Hiring website content writers is the best way to get blogs that engage, inform, and encourage customers to act. They also include SEO keywords and relevant hyperlinks within the content to improve visibility and ranking on the search engines. Bolster your business with content that adheres to your branding message and establish it as a leader in your respective industry with expert blog post writers at A&L Creative. Now, let’s look at a few ways hiring a top-notch blog writing service can boost your bottom line.

#1 Improved SEO

Ranking higher in the search engine is one of the top goals for businesses looking to improve website traffic. For your blogging efforts to provide the desired results and optimal visibility, the posts need to have the right words and engaging content. Professionals at A&L Creative Marketing will take care of all the hard work for you. They’ve got the skills and a robust understanding of your audience, their interests, engagement patterns, search engine algorithms, short and long-tail keywords, semantic search, and the right keyword strategy for each blog post. Linking external authoritative websites and other blogs and webpages from your website is another great way of increasing engagement and visibility.

#2 Consistency

Consistency is key for any content marketing strategy to work effectively. Writing a blog post every week for a couple of months isn’t enough. You’ll need to keep producing quality content consistently for the strategy to work. According to HubSpot, four posts a week is an ideal blog post schedule that works for more businesses. However, they suggest that for SMEs, the minimum posting frequency must be once or twice weekly. Even if you initially have a plethora of creative ideas that make you excited, making you eager about writing and posting them on your blog, it’s likely to fizzle out. It’s best to leave it to professional blog content writers who can touch on the topic from diverse perspectives fit for varied audiences. Also, since the team of bloggers at A&L Creative Marketing loves to write, they never run out of creative ideas!

#3 Stepping Stone for Other Content

One of the most amazing things about blog posts is that they can be repurposed in many ways. This means a blog post doesn’t merely have to stay on your website. You can share it on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms. It helps increase reach and allows the audience to learn about your expertise. Moreover, blogs can also be used as extra content for the company newsletters, especially if your business regularly sends out newsletters to contacts via email or post. Readers can find out more about the services you offer. At A&L Creative Marketing, you can also hire professionals to create exclusive content and articles for your email newsletter.

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#4 Generate More leads

Businesses typically establish websites to build their brand and get more leads. Businesses of all sizes and types blog to enjoy approx. 127% more lead growth than those who don’t blog consistently. However, just writing isn’t enough. You need professionals who write strategic content specifically intended to convert readers to customers. Experts at A&L Creative Marketing understand how to write blogs for various businesses. They’re well-versed in integrating effective CTAs (Call-to-Actions) creatively into the content and creating link-building strategies that help improve your search rankings. Our team of writers slips targeted keywords into the content without sounding forced or unnatural.

#5 Free Up Your Time to Focus on Core Business Activities

Outsourcing blog content writing to experts means your work is done once you give them a detailed brief about your business, including information on your competitors and customers and the goals you hope to achieve from blogging. There might be a little back and forth in the process of understanding each other’s expectations, required tone of voice, and more, after which things are likely to move along seamlessly with simple communication and minimal edits at your end.

When all the responsibility is happily managed by the professional writing service, you can spend more time growing your business, such as creating new products, researching new markets, building customer relations, and lowering costs. This extra time you invest in your business will gradually help you achieve greater success.

Ready to Test Out Your Online Content Marketing Strategy? A&L Creative Marketing is your One-Stop Solution to All the Digital Marketing Needs

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Whether your blog is being ignored or needs an oomph to get the desired results, it’s time to get in touch with the pros! A&L Creative Marketing offers result-driven web design, SEO services, content creation and marketing, business listings services, logo and brochure designing services, social media management and marketing, SMS services, and reputation management services CA, among many other top-notch services

Our holistic suite of digital marketing services can optimize your business and make it relevant, attractive, engaging, and valuable to the target audience. We can help you create precise ads, long-form blog posts, viral social media campaigns, and a lot more without the hassles involved in keeping up with the ever-changing Google algorithms.

Schedule a discussion with us right away to learn more about the cost-effective packages of our end-to-end digital marketing expert for hire in Santa Cruz. You can also check out our client portfolio here.

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