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Local searches are the bread and butter of small businesses, especially the ones with physical stores and facilities. Making your startup stand out among competitors nearby is a top priority in a business’s early days. And therefore, extra time, effort, money, and energy are required to brainstorm, identify, and implement actionable and result-driven strategies.

Thanks to digitally revolutionizing technologies, creating brand awareness and credibility in a market have become easier for business managers. A few decades ago, the only way to market your products and services was to rent billboards, run TVCs, and air radio ads. There was very little room in the digital world for business marketing.

However, the first two decades of the 21st century have been nothing short of a robust, mind-boggling upturn for business marketers. Digital marketing has nearly out-swept the effectiveness and profits of conventional marketing practices. From small to big enterprises, improving local marketing tactics is a key way to attract more customers, increase local popularity, and improve business place footfall.

As the blog title suggests, the experts from A&L Creative Marketing’s team will highlight how local search marketing is powerful for businesses. Let’s get into details right away!

Local Search Marketing—A Brief Overview

Before we get down to the nitty-gritty factors about how local search marketing works, let’s get to know its meaning, purpose, and types.

Local search marketing is a term used for all kinds of marketing practices that are used to create awareness about a physical business place in its proximity. For example, if you have opened up a new hair salon in Santa Cruz, CA, you can use local search marketing to attract customers living nearby or visiting the area.

Local search marketing is the best way for small and medium-sized businesses looking to increase their customer base in their locality. This applies to all kinds of businesses, including restaurants, cafes, retail stores, salons, auto shops, etc.

Different digital marketing performance metrics

And among many local search marketing tactics, one cannot ignore the significant role played by digital local search on business growth in this modern age.

Understand the Foundation of Local Search Marketing

Now that you know what local search marketing means, let’s get to know the key pillars that support the entire local search marketing structure. It’s safe to say that local search marketing is a hierarchal or step-by-step approach to building and generating business awareness in a particular geographic region.

The first step is to identify the competitive edge or the unique selling point of your business. Use this to create a content plan and publishing strategy that will rank your ad, website, or Google My Business listing higher on SERPs. Next, you’ll need to measure the NAP consistency and effectiveness.

NAP stands for Name, Address, and Phone Number. It’s one of the major tools in local search marketing ads, content, and campaigns. Without tracking and utilizing authentic data about your local customers, your targeting strategy cannot be a hit.

An SEO team optimizing a website

Finally, digital local search marketers have to optimize their websites, leverage tools like GMB and AdWords, and ensure guideline compliance when marketing to the local customer base.

Build Site Authority With Local Search Marketing

Website authority is a term used to signify and website’s position on SERPs. It’s backed by key performance metrics like website traffic, conversion rate, bounce rate, page clicks, and backlinks, among many others.

According to recent statistics published by Think With Google, more than 97% of the customers find a new, local business via social media or search engines like Google. Another study reveals that more than 30% of online customers make a purchase from the top running local business ads on Google. Therefore, it’s important to have a professional local search marketing team by your side to enhance the results of your digital marketing efforts.

Another way to attract more customers to your physical business is reputation management. Understand the values and needs of your target customer, cater to their lifestyle needs, manage your business to attract positive feedback, and enjoy lucrative results.  

Utilize Mobile Local SEO

While digital marketing is the future as a whole, there’s one aspect of this marketing channel that’s evolving by the day. Mobile searches have changed the entire landscape of marketing results for businesses.

With the increasing smartphone, internet, and 4G/5G penetration, more customers are using their phones to learn about new businesses nearby. They’re not bothering to turn on their PCs and laptops anymore. From a person on the road to an older adult with crutches, everyone is able to make Google searches via smartphones. This is where mobile local SEO is playing a pivotal role in differentiating one business from another.

Leverage tools like voice searches, mobile responsive websites, and Google ads to generate more leads via mobile local search.

How Can A&L Creative Marketing Help You Avail a Cutting-Edge, End-to-End Digital Marketing Services for Your Business in Santa Cruz?

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